Get $6 Off On Order Value Of Over $100 And Other Great Discounts On RC Toys On GeekBuying

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Get $6 Off On Order Value Of Over $100 And Other Great Discounts On RC Toys On GeekBuying

If you’re in the market for RC toys, it may interest you to know that GeekBuying is giving buyers an opportunity to avail huge discounts on a wide selection of RC toys. Aside from shedding light on the discounts, we’ll even show how you can save a considerable amount of extra money without breaking much of a sweat.Dubbed as ‘RC Toys EU Warehouse Sale,’ the recently kicked-off promo has been separated into multiple categories so that buyers can effortlessly find exactly what they are looking for. Moreover, the promo offers extra discounts in the form of various coupon codes.

For the sake of an instance, you can apply coupon code GEEKEURC1 to get an extra $2 off if your order value is more than $50. If you shop for over $100, you can get an additional $6 off simply by applying coupon code GEEKEURC2.

Moreover, you can apply coupon code Bugs5WEU to save $159.99 on the original asking price of the MJX Bugs 5W drone. Here are a few other discounts that you can take advantage of on GeekBuying.


You can get an 11% off on this 1080P HD aerial photography drone, which comes with a 360-degree protection. As a result, you can buy the JJRC H59 FERRY at a discounted price of just $79.99, which is a noteworthy reduction in the drone’s original cost of $89.99.On top of that, you can apply coupon code JJRCH59 to get a supplementary $7 discount on the drone’s already reduced price. In other words, your grand total can be lowered to just $72.99 simply by applying the aforesaid coupon.

Since the promo is slated to end in just 1 day, it is imperative that you visit this link to avail the discount and use the coupon without wasting time.

SJRC Z5 Foldable RC Drone

If you’ve restlessly been waiting to get your hands on a foldable and highly portable quadcopter, you might want to take a look at the SJRC Z5. Outfitted with a foldable-arm design that allows you to carry it anywhere, the SJRC Z5 usually carries a $119.99 price tag.Thankfully, it is currently up for pre-order on GeekBuying bearing a discounted $99.99 price tag. You can extend this discount by using coupon code PPJVPROW to save $21.66 more before placing your order.

After applying the above-mentioned coupon, your grand total decreases merely to $92.99. You can click here to visit the promotion page if you’re interested in getting this discount.

Diatone GT-R90 2018 Brushless FPV Racing Drone

GeekBuying is offering the well-received GT-R90 from Diatone at a considerably dropped price of $156.99. This is an exceptional reduction in the drone’s original selling price of $179.99.But if that doesn’t impress you much, you can use coupon code DGCPBECF to get an extra $10 discount at the time of checking out. As soon as you apply the aforesaid coupon code, your grand total comes down to only $149.99.

The promotion sale is slated to end in just 1 day and the coupon is also likely to expire soon. You can visit this link to buy the Diatone GT-R90 2018 racing drone at a discounted price.

DJI Mavic 2 Zoom RC Drone

Sporting a foldable design, the Mavic 2 Zoom is an irresistible RC drone that you can now buy without emptying your pocket on GeekBuying. While the drone usually sells for $2399.99, it is currently available at a reduced price of just $1279 on GeekBuying.Aside from availing this 47% discount, you can use coupon code EBGXHBRU to save an extra $881.04 before clicking the ‘Place Your Order’ button. You end up paying just $1219 after using the coupon, which is expected to lapse shortly.

You can click here to get the discount and apply the coupon before the promotion comes to an end.

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